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From time to time, we find that we need to retire and place some of our adults as we
like to be able to keep puppies that we are planning to show. We sometimes retire our
show dogs between the ages of 5 and 8 years old, and these terriers make great pets.
The terriers we offer are healthy and up to date on their vaccines. They are lead trained
and crate trained and are ready to be an only pet in someone's home. We prefer a
fenced yard or a home where someone can walk the dog often. These terriers respond
to all the extra love and attention by giving back their love and loyalty. There is an
adoption fee with spay neuter agreement. These terriers are retired champions and are
accustomed to traveling. Many retired people who do not feel like going through the
various puppy stages with a new dog find these retired show dogs as just the right pet
for their life style. Check out Chat's Blog on our web site
Favorite Links to see 2 of our
retired dogs that live in new homes. Call us if you need further information. A puppy is
not for everyone and these older terriers have a lot to offer.
We are retiring Savannah to an
approved pet home. She will be
placed in a home with a spay
agreement. She needs a fenced yard.
Savannah is very sweet and very
active. There is a small adoption fee.

Call 336-983-7643 for more info.
Long Creek Savannah
has been adopted.