Alumni & Friends
Long Creek Hogan owned by the Harris family of Pilot
Mountain NC. Hogan with their grand daughter. Hogan is sired
by Fox Run Rivet out of Long Creek Bristol.
Linus is owned by Richard & Joanne Paff
My in-laws and Rick's parents
Tonic is retired and living in NYC
This handsome boy is owned by
Wendy Reeves of Dillon, SC
Georgia has been adopted and
lives in Bluefield WV.
Long Creek Pelham
owned by Richard Mentle of Maryland
Fox Run Chat & Long Creek Preston
enjoying some "lap" time
Long Creek Alias
owned by Beth Taylor of Charlotte NC
Long Creek Moe
owned by Bobby and Barbara Graham
Long Creek Preston
owned by the Brodzicki family
This beautiful boy
owned by the Belinski's of Florida
Long Creek Chance
(Long Creek Vegas X Loblolly Nugget)
owned by Alisha Gammons
Chat  owned by:
Wyndham Stopford of NY  
Chat relaxes in bed, loving retirement ~  
life is good!
Long Creek Zander
owned by the Trexler family of Lexington, NC.
Long Creek Tank
R&B Jerico X Long
Creek Bristol
Owned by the Sprouse family
Clemmons, NC.
Maggie owned by Tina Drew
Silver Valley Spry of Long Creek
Long Creek Tina
owned by Sheldon & Pam Iddeem
Greensboro NC
Granny Griffin and Long Creek Georgie
live in Atlanta
Long Creek Bentley  lives in Beaufort N.C.
Long Creek Twister
lives in Gulfport FL with Sid Buldoc
Silver Valley Chloe of Car-Tan-A
George Jones granddaughter
Silver Valley Calamity Jane-A Jinx daughter
Long Creek Tate
owned by the Slate family of Mount Airy N.C.
Carson Luper with Long Creek pups
Long Creek Pete
Lives in Chaple Hill N.C.
Long Creek Taboo
with owner Gaynelle Gull
Long Creek Lotto
lives in Sparta N.C.
owned by Harry & Sarah Jones
Long Creek Sir Tristan
owned by Stephen Arnold of Raleigh NC
Long Creek Shiloh
owned by Hugo and Christina Blackwood
Raleigh, NC
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Long Creek Liam
Owned by Valerie Morsell
Willow Springs Lucy Lu ~
A Vegas daughter
owned by :
Robert Brinson family of Salisbury, NC.
Gyre owned by the Glen Andrews family
High Point, NC.
Gyre is 9 years old and littermate to Bristol
Owned by Bing Edwards
Birmingham, Alabama   
Long Creek Tryst X Long Creek Blitz.
Long Creek Jinx's Jewel
Sired by Loblolly Jinx.
Now lives happily in South Carolina with
Bonnie Rossiter.
Long Creek Jett
Owned by Witter Springs Jack Russells

A beautiful tri colored , rough coated
male pup out of Loblolly Jinx & Royal
Audrey Champion bloodlines.
Long Creek Rowdie
Owned by the Spalding's
Charlotte, NC
Long Creek Raleigh
Owned by Linda and Glen Oster
of Raleigh, NC.
Long Creek Jet
Owned by Brian Watson of Ga
Long Creek Ellie
Owned by Brian Watson of Ga
Long Creek Henry
Lives with the Bradner family in
Richmond, Va.
Black Rock Beka
She is a Long Creek Tirade daughter and
lives happily in Texas with the Weiss family
Long Creek Charlie
Owned by Tim and Rhonda Parris
Long Creek Eli
A Blitz son - Eli lives in Oklahoma
City with the Chiaf family
Long Creek Bobby
Lives with David and Carol Bowen
in Lexington, N.C.
Long Creek Piper
At age 10, he lives in Wilmington, NC with Gene Bentsen.
Piper is a Loblolly Jinx and Fox Run Chat son. Pretty boy.
Long Creek Edie
Owned by Mike and Loretta Gaddis
of Creedmoor, NC.
Northgate Etta
Owned by Peter Guttlund. Etta is a
Long Creek Trance grand daughter
and lives happily in Pennyslvania
with her family.
Long Creek Elmer
Owned by the Willis family of Winston
Salem, NC.
He is a Mountain Legends Demolition son
and out of  Long Creek Leda.
Long Creek Conrad
Owned by Miranda Fielder of Roanoke, Va.
Willow Springs Gabby
Now lives in Va Beach ,Va
with the Mansfield family.
Long Creek Raleigh and Royal Audrey.
Living happily with Linda and Glenn Oster.
Long Creek Sara Beth
Living in New York City
with her new owner.
Long Creek Zipper owned by
Dudley Campbell lives in Maryland.
Long Creek Daisy
A Long Creek Jubilee and
Mountain Legends Demolition
daughter owned by Sheila Tilden.
Long Creek Gadget and his new buddy.
Gadget is owned by the Everette family
of Raleigh, NC.
Long Creek Flynn and Willow Springs Roxie
take a rest after a long day of play.
These two terriers are owned by the
Lineberger family.
Long Creek Taz now lives in Va
with the Loganadan family. Taz is
a Mountain Legends Demolition
and Long Creek Jubilee daughter.
This is Long Creek Sara Beth, Long Creek Lili, and
Long Creek Tonic enjoying the good life in Manhatten.
Long Creek Taz and her buddy Connor taking a nap
under the desk of their owner Sandi Loganadan.
Long Creek Tuxedo
owned by Carole Renmark of Richmond , Va.
Long Creek Jed owned by the Ingram family of
Winston Salem, NC Jed is a Loblolly Jinx son.
Long Creek Jubilation aka Tinker is owned by the Paul Miller
family of VA. She is a Long Creek Jubilee and
Mountain Legends Demolition daughter.
Retired Long Creek terriers living in Manhattan:
Casino, Lili, Sara Beth, and Tonic.
Hot Toddy now lives in Va. with
the Sullivan family.
Still best buddies in 2017.
Long Creek Pepper Jack is taking a
snooze here. She lives in Scotts Valley,
California with the Bleakley family.
Long Creek Emma and Long Creek Jake
chilling out down in Magnolia Springs,
Alabama. These two terriers live with
Jeff and Babs Tolle.
Long Creek Notch now lives happily with
Lauren Watts in Winston Salem, NC.
Long Creek Tinker lives in Va with Paul Miller.