In Memoriam
Our dear Maggie died  Thursday, April 16 2009
We are heartbroken. She was not as active after the death
of her constant companion Dewey.  Maggie began having
seizures several weeks before her death.

Dewey died in November 2008.   
Maggie was a gift from my friend
Debra Clifton at Stillwater Jack Russell's.

She was my first show terrier, and my best teacher. It was
Maggie that I took to my first Fun Day at the Carolinas Jack
Russell Terrier Club, back in 1997,and it was Maggie who
got me hooked on all the fun things to do at a dog show.
She loved  to do go- to- ground ,racing, and conformation,
but most of all, she loved being with her family here at Long
Creek. Maggie  taught me about true love and devotion.
For you Maggie, my heart aches for we miss you so much.
I hope you knew what an impact you had on my life.
We are grateful to Dr Livengood and her staff at Pfafftown
Animal Hospital for all their help with Maggie during her illness.
Thanks for being there for us when we needed you.
Silver Valley Dewey of Long Creek
August 20, 1993 --- November 12, 2008
Silver Valley Dewey  was our very first Jack Russell
Terrier and our favorite little boy. Dewey came to us
soon after we got married and was a major part of
our lives. Dewey went to work with Rick every day
when Dewey was young. He introduced us to all the
good and some of the bad things (chasing cats,
chewing up furniture) associated with the breed. He
made us fall in love with him as well the Jack Russell
terrier breed. He was the beginning of our love for
these little dogs, and he was the inspiration for our
kennel. Dewey had many happy years here at Long
Creek, and he taught us important lessons during his
stay on earth. He was highly intelligent and full of
mischief, but he was mostly all about true love and
undying devotion. Dewey suffered in recent years
from congestive heart failure as well as kidney
failure. On Wednesday November 12, Dewey died
here at home in bed. His favorite dog companion
Stillwater Maggie was lying by his side. He simply
went to sleep. I was there with him at the end. If you
have to lose a dear friend, I guess this is the way to
do it. We are greatly saddened by his death, but he
will live on in our hearts. He never won a show ribbon
in his life  nor did he ever attend a show, but he was
our most beloved and true companion. Dewey was the
first terrier and everything we are and do for the
Jack Russell started with Dewey. Rest in peace my
dear one.
Long Creek Salem
July 19, 2001 --- April 25, 2008
Sired by Loblolly Jinx out of Loblolly Brillo. Salem was my wild, lovely
girl. Although she was not especially  fond of showing, she did well
in many shows. She was a multi-conformation winner and placed 4th
in Nationals. I retired her early, and she loved to sleep in the
computer room while I worked. She was one of the prettiest terriers
that I have ever bred. My dear Salem, I will always remember you.
Rest in peace my beloved one.
Long Creek Bebop
April 15, 2000 to July 10, 2008
Bebop was the spitting image of his grandsire George Jones.
He was owned and dearly loved by Jerry Leonard of Pleasant
Garden, NC. Bebop was sired by Troon Quarry Cassidy and
his dam was Loblolly Brillo (George Jones daughter). Bebop,
you will live on in our hearts.
Loblolly Nugget of Long Creek
January 27, 1998 --- July 20, 2006
"Fast asleep. Singing birds in their leafy cover cannot wake
nor shake her the gusty blast
Under the purple thyme and purple clover
Sleeping at last""
From "Sleeping at last" Christina Rossetti
This great terrier was not only an outstanding show terrier, but a dear
member of our family.
She excelled not only in the show ring but as a producer of both
conformation and performance terriers. She is dam to Long Creek Bristol,
Long Creek Gotcha, Long Creek Lacy, Long Creek Sara Beth, and Long
Creek Favor. She will be sorely missed by all of us here. What a great little
girl .
Nugget, your legacy lives on here at Long Creek.
George Jones of Long Creek
December 23, 1992 --- April 25, 2002
George was our foundation stud. A multiple conformation winner and true
companion, George will always hold a special place in our hearts. He was an
incredible terrier with personality plus.
I could list all your show winnings here as a tribute, but that is not necessary.
You were special without all those ribbons, for you were part of our family.
You live on here in your wonderful offspring. Nugget has inherited your little "pleasure grunt" whenever she is rubbed. Her daughter,
Bristol, does the same thing. Brillo has your wild twirl that she does whenever she is excited and her daughter, likewise, carries on
the wild twirl whenever she's wound up. You and your offspring have produced some wonderful terriers, and for that we are indebted
to you. Most of all, I am grateful for the opportunity to have known you. You were certainly an awesome personality. My husband was
your favorite human, and it was only appropriate that he was there with you at the end. You slipped away quietly on that spring day.
You left this life with the same quiet dignity as you had lived it.
This page is dedicated to the wonderful terriers who have added joy to our hearts
and contributed so much to the foundation of Long Creek Jack Russell Terriers
Rick and I would like to thank Dr Livengood and the
staff at Pfafftown Animal Hospital for all their help and
kindness during  Dewey's last months. We are grateful
to you for all the care you gave him. Thank you Heathe,
Lori, and Vini.
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Loblolly Brillo AKA "Taterhead"  
January 27, 1998 --- November 1, 2012
You are gone Taterhead --- my dear sweet Tater, my last George
Jones daughter. You have had a rough couple of years with time
in and out of the hospital, but now you are free. You never really
cared much for the show ring, but Tater, you were one of the best
things that ever happened to me. Without you, there never would
have been Long Creek Trance, Tryst, Taboo, Spector, Twister,
Leda, Bliss, Blitz, Double Up, and Tirade. You were a great  bitch
and loved your puppies and loved us too. In your later years, you
enjoyed lying in the sun and still had fun chasing the squirrels
and chipmunks here in the woods. You were quite the grand old
lady, and we will miss you girl. Rest in peace my dear one.
Long Creek Bristol
September 29, 1999 --- October 16, 2013
June 11, 1996 --- April 16, 2009
She became the poster child for pithium insidiosum. Her so called incurable disease
became a curable disease after her courageous battle at 9 months old with the deadly
killer of mammals. Who would have thought that frail little puppy would have enjoyed
14 years of adventure and happiness at our house. I was given a choice of putting her
down then or going experimental to save her life. I chose the experimental route, and
my dear Bristol overcame the odds. Her story, "The Battle for Bristol" was published in
the January 2001 issue of True Grit. A national support group for owners and their
stricken dogs was formed with Dr. Lionel Mendoza of Michigan State University along
with me to provide feedback and assistance. I have had the privilege of getting to know
many different people from around the country because of Bristol. Many people gained
hope and other dogs were saved as Bristol helped pave the way for others like her. She
taught me more than I could ever have taught her and her fighting spirit and love of
life were and always will be an inspiration for me. After recovering fully from the
disease, she went on to win multiple  conformation Bests and Reserves. She won her
first adult conformation class in 2001 and went on to win Best Open Bitch at Mason
Dixon Ice Breaker and Best Open Terrier at the Carolinas Classic that same spring.
The wins just kept coming and no one would have believed that she had ever been at
Death's door. This terrier brought me great joy and much hope. Though she has left me
for now, her lasting gift of strength and love remains. She gave me a true appreciation
of life and the belief that one must never give up. She proved many people wrong when
she refused to give in to unbeatable odds. To you Bristol, all my love forever.
Long Creek Hogan
September 29, 1999 --- July 4, 2013
Hogan was the litter mate to our Long Creek Bristol. This pretty boy who
went to live with Janette and James Harris of Pilot Mountain, NC lived the
good life there with the freedom to enjoy the beautiful surrounding woods
and the pleasure of sharing his love with the Harris family who gave him
their complete devotion. He was by their side whether it be in the garden or
on the couch, and once when they had to go out of town, they left Hogan
here with us. They just wouldn't leave their boy anywhere, so we kept Hogan
that weekend until they came back. When Janette and James came to pick
him up, James greeted Hogan with a lovely baked hen he had purchased at a
deli - a beautiful golden brown baked hen that he immediately fed to Hogan.
I still smile when I think of that scene. I thought James was bringing us a
savory dish as gratitude for keeping Hogan - but no, it was for Hogan, and
James sat down and hand fed all the meat to his dear dog. It was so funny -
that little terrier was a happy, spoiled boy, and he lived a long and wonderful
life with people who totally loved him. Rest in peace dear Hogan.
Long Creek Pirate
July 30, 1997 --- September 27, 2014
Pirate was my best buddy, my side kick, my dearest companion and
confidant. From his puppy days up until his death, he was with me
every step of the way. My big tan and white boy sat on the sidelines
of 13 Nationals and attended all the other shows with us. He and I
were a team, and he was my biggest fan as I was his. Of all the
terriers that I have loved and known, this was the one that I will
miss the most. During his 17 years on this earth, he made my life
complete. I will always miss him. I will always love him.
Fox Run  Chat of Long Creek
December 22, 1998 -- August 19, 2014
Miss Chitty Chat as so many of us called her left us gently and peacefully.
She was so very loved and cherished and rightfully so. In her first seven
years, Chat produced 3 litters of puppies that included Long Creek Slash,
Long Creek Tonic, and Long Creek Vegas. Her grand pups include Long
Creek Double Up and Long Creek Sara Beth. Chat's puppies were
winners, and like her, they were all so sweet. She passed on that sweet
gene of hers to every single pup. Chat was the ultimate doggie mom.
In 2006, I decided to retire Chat to a pet home.She was ready to take on
the second phase of her life. Wyndham Stopford drove down from NY to
Havre de Grace, MD to the Nationals to meet Chat. It was love at first
sight. He bought her a fine leather lead from a vendor and gave her treats
and kisses and swept her away to a life of luxury in Manhattan. Chat was
denied nothing---finest, soft sheets, best cuts of meat, walks in the park,
and good times at the stable with Harry the horse. She had the kind of
life we all want for our dogs. She had the best of everything, but most of
all she had lots of love. She also had James and Tonic and Lili and Sara
Beth all there in NY to spoil her. Wyndham and James brought Chat
down to the 2013 Nationals last year to visit with all her terrier friends. I
never dreamed it would be the last time I would see her sweet face, but it
was. Those who are left behind to cry for her and miss her feel that it is
unfair to now have to live without this bright little dog. I guess we need to
be thankful for all that she gave us while she graced this earth. Thank
you my dear Chat. Give Jinx my love----he is waiting at the bridge.

Rebecca Paff, NC.
Silver Valley Calamity Jane  aka CJ
December 28, 2001 --- February 12, 2015
CJ was dearly loved and is greatly missed
by the Ingram family of Winston Salem, NC.

CJ was a Loblolly Jinx daughter.
Long Creek Trance
September 23, 1999 --- May 23, 2015
He died here peacefully on a spring morning. I will always remember
him as my beautiful boy. He was also my very first puppy champion. He
won many bests as a pup and continued his winning ways well into
adulthood. His many wins included Best Open Dog, Reserve Open Dog,
Best Open Terrier and Best Veteran Terrier. Trance was also sire of
champions and we are grateful for the wonderful terriers that he has
produced here. His legacy lives on. Thank you Trance for sharing your
life with us and for giving us so much pride as well as pleasure. Run
free with Brillo. I feel sure she was waiting for you at the bridge.
Long Creek Eli
September 26, 2010 --- November 29, 2015
Eli was our Blitz and Sara Beth boy. He was the puppy
used in the Lucky Magazine photo shoot with actress
Angie Harmon. He was a star from the very beginning.
Most of all, Eli was a very loved family member of the
Chiaf family. He will be sorely missed. Run free pretty boy.

After months of declining health, our dear Bliss left this world behind. She was the most beautiful creature that I have ever known and her beauty was inside as well as outside. She was sweet up to the very end, and though she was very sick, she wagged her tail and nuzzled me. Her liver as well as kidneys were failing, and the vet gave us only one option. I can not possibly express the depth of our grief as she has been such an important part of our lives. She did us proud with her many show wins. She was Best Open Terrier numerous times and was 2006 Nationals Reserve Best Open Bitch. Bliss was once described by Bob Clough as "a crackin' bitch" and was honored with a photo in his book. Indeed she was a good girl, but most of all, she had the best temperament I have ever seen. After her retirement, she traveled with us to shows and was used in the child handler classes. Bliss was never snippy or grouchy with the children and she was so easy to handle. She just wanted to have a good time. There have been some warm, beautiful days recently and I am glad she was able to enjoy going outside. She loved to stretch out in the grass and soak up some sun. It will be hard to go through the season without her. I recently found an old video of her and my Pirate playing together in the yard. It brought back such wonderful memories of her time here with us. I like to think that once again they are together, still playing their game of tag. We will always miss her, but her memory lives on in her son Blitz, grandson Chester, and great grandson Brew. She will always be loved by us and we are grateful to have had her in our lives.

Thank you Bliss for teaching us so much about life and how wonderful it is.

Long Creek Bliss
March 3, 2003 - April 1, 2018