Long Creek Bristol
Sire: Fox Run Rivet of Conquest
Dam: Loblolly Nugget of Long Creek
DOB: 09-29-99
Height: 12.75"
Coat: Rough
Color: Trir
* A member of Rivet's Reserve Nationals Family 2003
* 3rd in Bred By Exhibitor at the JRTCA National Trial 2002
* Reserve Open Bitch - Georgia Summer Celebration I
* Best Open Terrier GA Fall Spectacular II 2002
* Best Open Bitch at Mason Dixon Ice Breaker
* Open Terrier Champion at Carolinas Spring Classic
* Reserve 4 to 6 Month Puppy Champion - GA Premier I
* Reserve Best Bitch Puppy - Carolinas Spring Classic
* Reserve Open Terrier - Carolinas Autumn Fest
* 2001 JRTCA Nationals Bred By Exhibitor Bitch - 2nd
* Best Open Bitch West VA Terrier Challenge II
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She became the poster child for pithium insidiosum. Her so called
incurable disease became a curable disease after her courageous
battle at 9 months old with the deadly killer of mammals. Who would
have thought that frail little puppy would have enjoyed 14 years of
adventure and happiness at our house. I was given a choice of
putting her down then or going experimental to save her life. I chose
the experimental route, and my dear Bristol overcame the odds. Her
story, "The Battle for Bristol" was published in the January 2001
issue of True Grit. A national support group for owners and their
stricken dogs was formed with Dr. Lionel Mendoza of Michigan State
University along with me to provide feedback and assistance. I have
had the privilege of getting to know many different people from
around the country because of Bristol. Many people gained hope and
other dogs were saved as Bristol helped pave the way for others like
her. She taught me more than I could ever have taught her and her
fighting spirit and love of life were and always will be an inspiration
for me. After recovering fully from the disease, she went on to win
multiple  conformation Bests and Reserves. She won her first adult
conformation class in 2001 and went on to win Best Open Bitch at
Mason Dixon Ice Breaker and Best Open Terrier at the Carolinas
Classic that same spring. The wins just kept coming and no one
would have believed that she had ever been at Death's door. This
terrier brought me great joy and much hope. Though she has left me
for now, her lasting gift of strength and love remains. She gave me a
true appreciation of life and the belief that one must never give up.
She proved many people wrong when she refused to give in to
unbeatable odds. To you Bristol, all my love forever.